twitter bot send mention tweets question??

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    Oct 13, 2013
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    i want to create a bot to send mention tweets(direct msg) to targeted twitter users, but i want to know some things, i will ask it now, and hope to find answers.

    first how it work: its very simple. collect targeted usernames thin send a tweet like this
    @username please follow @main_account

    now the questions is:
    1- first: if i create 10 twitter accounts, and send from every single account 4 mention tweets every 30 min
    is this cause to ban the accounts.

    2- ok now assume that i will use this bot to send mention tweets with an affiliate link or ppd link, lets say 2 tweets(direkt msg) every 30 min, the msg will appear like this
    @username hello download game crack here (link). just for example
    is this work

    3- is this any chance to sell this bot on the market
    thank in advance