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Twitter Bootstrap Front and Back End Customization - League of Legends API Integtation

Discussion in 'Hire a Freelancer' started by raenic, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. raenic

    raenic Junior Member

    May 2, 2013
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    We are looking to revamp our site using these customized templates. We need to have bootstrap setup, and have the tools pulled from our webpage eloedge.com and put onto a new theme. We liked this theme, and if we could make it more league of legends relevant it would be perfect! We have a bootstrap template that we would like to use from htmlstream.com/unify/index.html

    The back end is a little bit more complicated! We also want to build an ADVANCED automated back end that draws information from an API and relays that. A live example of this is here elo-boost.net/members/order/demo We have the admin template that they build this over also from wrapbootstrap.com/theme/core-admin-WB0135486

    When a customer makes a purchase it will then be entered into the system automatically and create a page for them to track their progress, communicate with the booster, and show their wins and losses.

    The boosters will see all available orders, a chat for boosters to communicate with each other and admins. When they claim the order it gives them the user name and password and tracks their progress. Assigning a value to each win and loss based on 20 LP. For example +5$ per 20 LP gained and -5$ for 20 LP losses. The boosters account will have basic profile information linked to their paypal account with the option to cash out and change their password and paypal email. It must track their account history of wins and losses and the amount gained or losses as well as their win rate.

    Admins must be able to unlock accounts manually, change info, ect.

    I am unable to post links so please PM me with any questions and we can sort out a price and time frame. Thank you!
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