Twitter account how to get more active followers ? [QUESTION]


Dec 16, 2015

I have a twitter account with maybe 11 followers i'm posting pics with a funny moments in cs:go how can i get more followers ? What to do now ? :eek:
Follow the people who are following the official CSGO page and any other big fan pages. A fraction of those will follow you back. Every now and then purge your following list to keep your following:follower ratio even.
in addition to what already been said, that you should follow the followers of authority accounts in your niche, you can follow people who tags their posts with niche-relevant hashtags and because you can follow only a limited amount of people, make every slot count, always take a look at the account before you follow anyone, is it active, does it look spammy? i configured my bot to follow people only who's active/tweeted in the last 7 days and have a different profile pic than the default avatar, i don't follow private accs and my followback ratio went up quite steeply, i still have customization options left like follower:following ratio, number of tweets

also, get your tags right when posting (i use ritetag and in table mode), you can get traffic from twitter search itself w/o following a single person, some of the posts i make with 0 follower accs get 1-2k impressions and generate clicks on the urls i post, you don't necessarily need followers to generate traffic on twitter
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