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Twidium Inviter 5 [review] “avoid like the plague!” Twitter Software

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by blazed2014, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. blazed2014

    blazed2014 Newbie

    Jan 4, 2014
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    Before purchasing the software I downloaded the trial version and took it for a spin, at first everything seemed to work fine until I got 1 account suspension. Upon investigating why that account got suspended I realised that Twidium has been cross following the same users on 5-6 different accounts of mine which lead to users tweeting why I followed them so many times and reported me for spam behaviour (suspension note said people have reported me for spam, and all I do is follow users).

    I then contacted the Twidium support team, asking about the cross following and if it can somehow remember the users, they replied back saying yes it can remember users and told me a few settings to check in the software.

    At this point my trial was expired so having trust on their support team?s advice, I paid up $45 and bought the full version, upon then using the full version with the recommend settings I noticed that it STILL cross follows users which lead me to abandon the task.

    Contacting support again and showing screen-prints of my problem this time they replied back that you can?t actually stop cross following. At which point I asked for a Refund as the software was useless for my purposes and would lead to account suspensions and then they outright REFUSED a REFUND. Replying:

    ?Sorry. Please goto page: [edited out] and write follow "The purchase of the license means that you have no claims regarding the functionality of the software you have tried out.?

    It?s not like I abused usage of their software I literally asked for a refund within a couple of hours after purchase, very unprofessional and shady practices. So if this post can stop even one person buying the software that will counter the money I paid for it.

    So here is my breakdown review:

    Support Team - Negative Points:

    ? Giving false information leading up to a sale.
    ? Bad English and communication, makes things hard to explain and understand.
    ? Rude staff, when comparing features to TweetAttack they told me why I don?t go use TA instead.
    ? Refusing to Refund, even just after purchase.

    Support Team - Positive Points:

    ? They reply back usually within the day or two.

    Twidium Inviter ? Negative Points:

    ? Software cross follows users on different accounts, can?t stop it.
    ? Cross following same users not only redundant but can lead to reports and suspensions.
    ? Software extremely slow with single thread operation.
    ? Unfollowing 100 users with Delay Timers off and Verifications off on 35 accounts took 3+ hours
    ? Following 100 users with Delay Timers off and Verifications off on 65 accounts took 2-3 hours.

    Twidium Inviter ? Positive Points:

    ? GUI clean and professional looking, nicely organised
    ? Some useful tools like the account settings window (overview of your accounts)
  2. avalon1981

    avalon1981 Regular Member

    Dec 6, 2013
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    Twidium Team

    I try to comment situation. Our support can`t understant customer`s question (question aboout following same users), so customer got wrong answer. In result we made money back.
  3. nobodyelsein

    nobodyelsein Regular Member

    Mar 24, 2014
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    This corporeal plane
    Has anyone else got strong opinions on this software? I'm running the trial and it looks like a dream come true so far!
  4. leetchart

    leetchart Regular Member

    Aug 15, 2012
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    In fact I;ve tried trial version and looks promising, just process of getting apikeys was annoying to be honest.