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Tweetboss Issues

Discussion in 'Twitter' started by Kuikens, Aug 24, 2014.

  1. Kuikens

    Kuikens Newbie

    Aug 5, 2014
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    I've been testing Tweetboss for a few weeks now, but the same issues I had from the beginning (1.00.54), I still experience with the latest version (1.00.73).
    Despite having mailed and contacted live chat, these bugs are not solved, while there have been a few new releases.
    I'm only using Tweetboss to auto follow/unfollow, and thus growing my follower base on a steady way, all other functions and possible bugs I therefor haven't checked.
    Hoping to hear form other users if they experience the same problems and maybe Tweetboss will start to look into these bugs, since it's an affordable promising tool, if it would do as advertised...

    Current Issues Tweetboss:

    -Lost all data (whitelist/blacklist) with each upgrade after 1.00.54 (looks like every new version installs some parts in a new directory and loses all previous data)
    -Unfollows whitelisted people
    -Doesn't save all preferences (clicked boxes)
    -Doesn't check numbers of followers from added persons to the auto follow lists
    -Doesn't check followers profile pics from added persons to the auto follow lists
    -Keeps counting added followers, while the actual number of people you follow stays the same in Twitter. This probably occurs if you start again to follow from somebody's followers, that you already followed before.
    -When loaded list of people to follow (max 300) is done, it stops and doesn't reload automatic. When you manual try to fill the list, it loads the same 300 people, so the program will never follow new people, despite counting new followers.

    Suggestions to solve most issues:

    When starting Tweetboss, it should first load all your current followers in it's memory.
    When scraping from list of other people to follow, it should first filter out everybody you already follow and everybody who is on your blacklist.
    Before actually starting to follow, it should perform a check to see if the targeted people meet the selected needs (profile pic/min. Number of followers, so you don't follow bots).
    Only profiles that fit all criteria above should appear in the list of people to follow, so that each follow will be a successful hit and no program crashes or false reported new following will occur.

    Future update Requests:

    -Also unfollow people who do follow back. (except whitelist)
    -Import/export whitelist and blacklist.
  2. leetchart

    leetchart Regular Member

    Aug 15, 2012
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    This is not place where you an request features for this bot.

    Yes I have read what you have wrote but contact their support or post this post on their sales pages here on BHW (if here exist) and do not spam other forums section.