TweetAttacks trouble with remote access

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    Jan 26, 2012
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    I have been running into an error lately with TweetAttacks, but only when accessing the modules remotely (I use my laptop to manage software that runs on a dedicated pc). I'll refrain from posting the error in its entirety (doesn't seem to explain much anyway), and instead explain the circumstances of the error:

    * After opening TweetAttacks the default module is Follow/Unfollow - After loading a saved task to this module, the "Select task to load" window seems to appear in two identical instances. So when one file is selected and I press "OK", that window minimizes as if the file selection was properly recognized, but when it minimizes it reveals an identical "Select task to load" window underneath it.
    * In this new, identical window, I have tried selecting the file again, X'ing out, and pressing "Cancel" - no matter what option I choose the outcome is the same: EITHER an error message pops up saying something has gone wrong (seriously, it's not going to explain things any better - even TA's support wasn't able to recognize what the error was and what it meant) OR after pressing "Start tasks", the tasks stall and do not get anywhere (this stalling error is NOT related to failed proxies)
    * The interesting part of all of this is that it ONLY occurs when the PC with software running is accessed remotely. I'm no expert on remote access and its impact on software/scripts/etc. so I'm not sure what the correlation is here.

    Has anyone ever run into this issue before using remote access? Or perhaps without using remote access? I'd like to understand why this is happening so I can make steps to correct it.