tweetattacks for someone that doesn't use proxies.

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    i'm trying to figure out the best what to do this.

    I have a dynamic ip.. I have a .bat file that will reset my ip (takes about 10 seconds to complete) ..also have a .bat to run ccleaner to delete cookies and everything that would cause a footprint (not sure if I need to run ccleaner though)

    i'm trying to figure out the best way to automate switching my ip between accounts with tweetattacks.

    right now the only thing I can think of is to use the 'delay each task by x amount of minutes' but x would be like 20 minutes or so.. and have a macro that runs the .bat file every 20 minutes.. so it takes about 5 min to add 75 followers or so.. and then it waits 20minutes .. so in that time period it would reset my ip before moving to the next account.. but obviously this would eventually mess up if i'm running 100 accounts.. it would end up reseting the ip in the middle of following and have 2 accounts linked on 1 ip.

    i know it probably doesn't matter as much for following.. you could probably be safe with 5 or 8 accounts on the same ip.. but when I start using the reply/mention module i would run into some problems.

    can anyone think of a better way to accomplish switching ips between accounts/tasks?

    I think it was automate8 that is able to watch a specific spot on the screen.. and do a task after it changes color. I use to use that with 'easyfriends' for myspace because it would change to red when a capatcha was required.. so it watched a specific spot for it to turn red and then would reset everything and login to a new account.. but tweetattacks doesn't do anything like that.. it just says 'done' under status.. and i don't know of anything that could work with tweetattacks to accomplish this.. other then relying on a timer.

    any ideas?