TweetAdder goes down the drain

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by superslikuzi, Jul 12, 2013.

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    So after the big TA3 fallout, I was pretty unenthusiastic about managing my Twitter accounts. I tried not to jump onto any of the new bots too quick, because I knew most of them would fail soon and basically for the past few months my accounts were dormant.
    That was until a friend then told me about a way he was using TA4 to get the same results, and that was with an auto-clicker. This inspired me to get TA4 up and running and within a few days I back in business.

    Although it was a hassle having to set the clicker everytime I wanted to do an automated task, it was a temporary solution to my problem....and at least SOME parts of TA4 were still automated. Like automatic followbacks!

    Today they released an update saying they'll be removing the autofollow back feature.

    At this point, I feel like the software is virtually a waste. The only reason I still use it, is for targeted followers and the search features.
    Thankfully I hopped on the ship early and enjoyed the good days, where all I had to do was adjust the settings on TA then close it and forget about it for days!

    I feel bad for the people who've recently bought the software, as it is not nearly living up to its previous glory.

    Yes I've heard about Twittermoneybot, and TwtDemon and all those other wannabe programs, and I'm not interested. The simplicity and GUI of TA made me fall in love, and I hope in the coming months we can see a new automation bot/software that can take the title as the #1 tool.

    Just a heads up, for anyone on the fence about purchasing TweetAdder, save your money and buy yourself some nice shoes or something.

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    IMHO, you should accept how twitter play, come with new work's pattern and adapt in it, software to automate anything just goes down nowadays, so dont waste you money and time, focus on new strategy