Tweet Adder soon to be banned?

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    I have just been informed that tweet adder, which is a great utility for scraping followes of other users, is soon to be banned, for violation of Twiter's TOS re spamming. Bummer, as I find this a great tool.

    Preumably there are other tools/ways to do this after they are taken off the market. Any suggestions?
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    Aug 9, 2010
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    I bought the original version of TweetAdder and it is not going away. From the TweetAdder website:

    You must upgrade to Tweetadder 3.0

    Twitter is in the process of changing their API and changing how programs can interact with it. What does that mean for you? Basically.. Tweet Adder 2010 is obsolete, and will stop working very soon.

    The good news is, we have been working very hard over the past several months creating a much improved completely new version of Tweet Adder, version 3.0. We've taken the best Twitter marketing software in the world, and made it 10X better!!

    While it may be a little bit of work for you to transfer all of your accounts to the new version, we know that you will love it! It is much more automated, has many new features, and is MUCH more powerful of a program.​

    And yes, it is definitely work to transfer the accounts, but I think it is worth it because the new version is pretty impressive. The Twitter user profile targeting capabilities are quite good, as are the tweeting and direct messaging management abilities. Here is a list from the TweetAdder Site:

    The following new search capabilities zero in and locates profiles pertaining to you, then stores them to be followed. You can even export the results to your computer!

    Supported Filters in Tweet Search, Profile Data Search:
    language spoken
    ability to remove profiles with default picture
    ability to remove profiles with urls in tweets or biography
    Automated Tweet Search Locates users to follow who tweeted a matching filter or keyword

    Example Searches include (combine to form more complex searches):
    containing a word: twitter
    Containing multiple words: twitter marketing
    Negation: twitter -marketing
    Exact phrase: "twitter marketing"
    OR: twitter OR tweets
    Containing a hash tag: #twitter
    Not From a user: -from:username
    To a user: to:username
    Mentioning a user: @username
    Profile Data Search search twitter bio, plus filters

    Location Search search by geographic location around the world, plus filters
    Twitter List Search imports another users twitter list

    Followers of a User obtains a list of profiles following a particular user
    Followed by a User obtains a list of profiles a user is following

    Huge flexibility with result filters:
    Ability to remove results of users that posted a link in their tweet
    Ability to remove results of users that only have a default profile picture
    Multiple Twitter Account Management

    You can manage more than one twitter profile. This will multiply your twitter networking spread out amongst several different twitter profiles. You can also manage advertising and public relations client's profiles as a twitter service. Use our program on an unlimited number of Twitter profiles with the Tweet Adder Platinum! Run Multiple Profiles Concurrently: Select the as many of your profiles as you wish, and the software will run through each account automatically and complete your automated tasks with one instance of the software open!

    Automated Following Features:
    Never follow the same person twice
    Special BlackList to block following to specific people
    Auto Follow Twitter Users - Fully Control Twitter following with Follower Ratio, Max # of follows per day
    Auto Follow Stop Feature - Automatically stops when Twitter follow limits are reached
    Random Time Delay Settings- You choose what time intervals between follows, unfollows, tweets, and direct messages
    Automated UnFollowing Features

    Ability to unfollow ALL except your personal WHITELIST
    Auto Unfollow Twitter Users: Unfollow by #, follower to follow ratios, users who do not follow back with time frames
    Safe White List: Create a list of twitter users to never unfollow
    Full Twitter Stats and graphical historical viewing

    View your Twitter Stats for each profile instantly! Tweet Adder gives complete statistical data to view each account's vital statistics to give you a birds eye view on what exactly is happening. A visually appealing graphical display shows you who you followed, unfollowed, and much more on a daily basis. We also show you the exact search you did that the successful follows resulted from so you can pinpoint your success!

    Powerful Automated Tweet Posting and Direct Messaging:
    Automate Twitter Posts, Automatic Tweet helps you to keep your twitter profiles active, engaging, and interesting to keep your followers from leaving you. You can set up a multitude of tweets in the software, and allow the software to spread them out through out the day to keep you actively involved on twitter while you enjoy yourself with your free time.

    Automated Tweet Features:
    Automated Tweets post throughout the day
    Post Tweets to Facebook, Linkedin, and Myspace!!
    Unique Tweet Generator - creates unique tweets automatically
    RSS Tweets - tweets any RSS feed whether from your blog updates, or any other source
    @Reply Tweets - post a random tweet @someone who posts a tweet directed @you
    Re-Tweets- Automatically retweet another user
    Url shortener - Shorten long URLs automatically
    Mp3 Poster - Bands and artists can upload Mp3s to and share on twitter
    Symbols - Access to special UTF8 characters like stars, arrows, and smileys
    Link History - Easy access to previously shortened URLs and Mp3s
    Post Tweets with random time delay
    Automate Direct Messages

    Good for informing your followers of upcoming events, conferences, or any items you need to keep your followers informed about. Communicate with your followers automatically. No problem! Set your pre set messages to tweet, and your auto dm's to send messages to new followers welcoming them and go on your way!

    Thank you Direct Messaging - sends messages to your new followers
    Standard Direct Messaging - Sends messages to your followers​

    If you have ever used this tool in its previous versions, I think you can see that version 3.0 is quite an upgrade, and as a user, I can recommend it without reservation.
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    cool, thanks for that - I actually have V3, but it was the guys over at MarketMe Suite who told me this TODAY ...
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    I suppose that it is possible that MarketMe may have some sort of inside scoop about the end of TweetAdder, but I doubt it. The problem with TweetAdder and similar products is that they can lead to a Twitter account using it being banned, not so much the *product* being banned. I have tried many experiments to see how bad you can be before getting banned, and controlled steady use of TweetAdder hasn't been one of those ways. Uncontrolled use of Tweetadder can cause banning, but the tool has built in stops that make this hard to do unless you change the parameters yourself. If so, no one to blame but, well, you know who.

    One other thing I should mention, is that you have to expect some loss of Twitter accounts if you are using black hat techniques. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Have multiple accounts, and don't manage all of them in exactly the same way. One of the problems I have had is Hootsuite unilaterally deciding to disable some of my free accounts there, and they are not even Twitter. The whole banning process is not exactly a precision application. I think a lot of it is done by humans who show questionable judgement and not very fine attention to what may or may not be wrong. You have to expect some collateral damage.

    The newest version of TweetAdder is more targeted on what it finds, and it also uses proxies pretty well, so I think a lot of the fear of footprinting and indiscriminate scraping is gone. If it stops working, I will let you all know.