Tutorial: What "black hat link types" worked SUCCESSFULLY in the last 1 year


Nov 6, 2010
I will make it super short to read.

What I did: I scanned some sites those had close to 0 rankings before a year but they did grow nicely in the past 1 year.
I made sure to "not check big sites". I only checked small affiliate type successful websites.

Most of these websites did
A. business listing links (local citations)
B. coupon submissions.
These websites also did outreach guest posts on "almost all niche websites".

Go and buy local citations (remember they can be done for any type website. U dont need to have a proper local business.).
ALSO buy "coupon submissions". U can buy coupon submission on fiverr easily.

Wishing a very happy new year to all of you..
Can't understand how they work for "normal" sites... How to link an affiliate site? Fakec coupon code? Fake expiration date?
Interested to know how they work for affiliate sites with no coupons etc.

Just fake it for the link??

Anyone recommend any services??
U dont need to have a proper local business.
@Aim100IM without having a Local Business, what should I enter in the address field? Is it okay to fill up fake addresses for citations? Looking forward to your view. Thanks.

Note: I am new to this Business Citations things.
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