Tutorial : How to use Ventrilo

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    meh i got lazy.. couldnt be bothered to format it properly :(.

    First you'll need a mic + speaker or a headset then go to ventrilo (http://www.ventrilo.com/download.php) and download the client program for ventrilo then install it.


    once you have it installed, run ventrilo. You should see something similar to the picture below.


    setup a user, by click on the arrow in the (User Name) section


    click on new


    and enter you Blackhatworld username. ( this is a must)

    click on okay when you're done.

    Next, you need to setup a connection to BHW's Ventrilo server .

    Click on the arrow next to the (Server) section [​IMG]

    Click on new when the (connection Editor) window opens.


    enter Blackhatworld as the name of the server.

    Enter the Hostname or ip
    vent50.light-speed.com or

    Then enter the Port number

    Click on ok when you're done.

    Now, lets setup your hotkey and sound.

    Click on (Setup ) on the right



    setup your hotkey (1), when the hotkey is pressed, you will be able to voice chat with other people on ventrilo.

    (2) and (3) are your input(mic) and output(speaker) make sure these are on the correct drivers.

    Click ok when you're done.

    Now lets connect to the server.


    You should see something similar to the picture below


    blackhatworld's ventrilo server is made up of a few "rooms". Ive highlighted them in green.

    To move into a room, just double click on the rooms name.( hint: the highlighted bit)

    See how next to my name theres a green speaker. That means i'm pressing my hotkey and im talking. Red means you're not talking.

    Now if you look down, you can see that LoboRsxS has a yellow speaker. This means hes talking but we can't hear him. Theres a number of reason for this, either he's in another room or he is private chatting with someone else.

    On the right hand side you should see comment (1) and chat(2)
    With comment(1), you can post up a little tag/sig next to your name ( TonLilaz has a :D as her comment)

    With Chat(2), you can chat with everyone on vent that is in chat.
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