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    This is actually pretty easy, and I would say it works 99.9% of the time (why the other 0.01%? Well maybe the item is taken off after, and you will need to update it, but will take a few seconds).

    Okay so for this example I will be using "Whistles" as my keyword. And I want to display the amazon ads, but sometimes I get those random ads that don't relate to whistles, or let's say I want to sell "pricey" whistles for $8, but get something for $2 and want to get rid of it?

    Or let's say I have an all PINK whistle store and I want to sell strictly pink whistles?

    Well THERE IS a way to do it!

    Super fast! Super easy!

    1. You look around, and find a high luxury whistle.
    2. Copy the title of it, in this case I have chosen, "Fox 40 CMG Whistle with Cushioned Mouth Grip"
    3. Go to: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/
    4. Click on "Widgets"
    5. Click on "Recommended Product Links" (bottom/left corner)
    6. for "Please choose a product line", choose the category where the product of your choice is. In my case it was in the "Sports and Outdoor" category
    7. Select "Enter Keywords" and copy the name of your product
    8. Click "Continue"
    9. VOILA! Your product is right there :)

    Now do you can do some basic tweaking like remove the border, do it for like 4/5 products, line them all up on your site. add a table around it with a small border, and they will all appear unified and feel like they belong together.


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