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[Tutorial] Creating a automatic content generating blog

Discussion in 'Blogging' started by privateloader, Apr 8, 2016.

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    Nov 12, 2014
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    A few days ago i have publish a blog to measure the backlink and traffic generation of forums. This was only a test.

    The blog was setup on blogger and a program kit was distribute with it. Any user could send there posts just by launching the app i have build. No captchas, no advertsing, etc. After a few hours the spam start to arrieve and i started to filter and comment but this was an expected fail ideia.

    So, the app i have build uses the email to blog feature of blogger which has been around for ages. Currently any blog on blogger can receive 45 automatic messages per day. If you visit your favorite sites and subscribe to there newsletter using the @blogger.com email you will receive emails that can be published directly. If it's published directly you will have made an automatic content generating site. You just need to focus on SEO aspects to promote your space.

    This is a good and bad ideia, if you are new to the blog industry here is your first steps on how to have an always up to date system which doesn't require much work, if you are a veteran on this field, you know that this is much likely a "Los co**nes na cabe├ža" issue...

    The Tutorial: (Step by step)
    1) Register a blog
    2) Go to settings and generate a @blogger.com email
    3) Visit your favorite sites and subscribe the newsletters with your @blogger.com email
    4) Confirm the subscription and delete the message from blogger admin panel
    5) The content will start to arrieve

    That's it!!!!