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[Tutorial]Buy installs to your app with Facebook

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by vinku, Jul 12, 2017.

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    Do not use any services what can provide CPI installs to your apps. Services like ayetstudios, cpimobi, keyapp.top and others are just scam in 2017. They are using cash reward apps like this:

    These services taken over and almost killed this section. I think this section needs new rules and moderator (ill not apply) to ban all these fckin CPI silent marketers.

    1. User install app from list and get few cents for that
    2. Network with app is making money by selling installs for example for 10c, share 1c with user and keep the rest for them
    3. You are "happy" because install are boosting your app

    That was until March 2017 when Google adjusted algorithms. Now fake reviews and fake installs are easily detected by messuring user activity. If some user is installing app after app (100% of them are doing it to make money), giving reviews and ratings after reviews and ratings. Your app will be punished. In most cases you don't know about it, your app just getting kick in search scores. It can be observed for CPI campaings only live by checking rankings every hour. I have observed situations with huge drop after using CPI services.

    What use instead CPI services? Facebook, Admob, appbrain, appnext.

    The best is facebook. I'll not explain you exactly how to use facebook ads, there are many topics about it but how to optimize ads for mobile installs.

    Step 1 - You have to add SDK to your app:

    https://developers.facebook.com/docs/an ... ng-started

    Here is instruction, SDK should be added to live app

    Step 2 - Add Keystore from Step 1 to your Facebook console
    -go to dashboard, create app
    -use settings to provide package name and SHA1
    -save and turn on that your app is live (find it in console)

    Ok, after configuration it's the most important part, setting up your ads on this page: https://web.facebook.com/ads/manager/

    1. Create ad
    2. Choose App Installs
    3. Choose your app
    4. To reduce cost of your install to 1-5c, you need to change your audience:

    -age (I have 14-30) but experient to increase daily installs
    -worldwide as country (maximize your target but if you don't want whole world, exclude countries you don't want)

    THE MOST IMPORTANT, if you set up many interests, your ads will spread to people who are not interested to your app
    for example, I've choosen Anime Movies - installs are running
    when I've added Manga, Anime Otaku and dozen other anime interests, installs stucks, when I have one interest, installs running like storm. It's weird but you need to experiment with this. Reduce interests to minimum. I think if you spread it, people are just discovering facebook on smaller fanpages and not interested to your ads

    5. Adjust Android version to your app, kick tablets if your app is not for tablets
    6. Cost
    -set up maximum daily / overall cost
    -set up charge type to Impressions
    -change Average cost / install to Maximum and set up some 8c (you will reduce it later)
    -change campaing type to Accelerated (below), your ads will show immediately

    7. On next screen you have to put your images, quality of image have impact on install numbers

    8. When your ad is accepted and first installs are running, change cost from 8c to 5c, if they are running very dynamic, reduce it more. If installs are slow, increase a little.

    All about facebook ads are experiments.
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  2. Lock_Xram

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    Aug 10, 2017
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    How you can get 5c or 8c install? my installs are not less than 1,60 $. What's the secret?