[TUT] How to make Google Animal safe web 2.0s? 10 Steps

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    Today I am gonna share my own way to make web 2.0s. I'd prefer to call these micro site except web 2.0's.

    Step 1. Choose Blog URL. (try to find something short)
    Step 2. Choose custom theme. (Make some changes in HTML to give a different look)
    Step 3. Make more pages except home. (i.e About, Contact, Policy etc)
    Step 4. Prepare content for posting on these micro sites. (Content should be unique and handwritten)
    Step 5. Make 3 - 5 post on each micro site related to your niche
    Step 6. Embed Videos and pictures (I will recommend to create your own)
    Step 7. Optimize images using ALT tags
    Step 8. Set proper title and description for each post.
    <meta name="title" content="Your Post title"/>
    <meta name="description" content="Your Post Description"/>
    Step 9. Add links to your site with main keyword not more than 2 - 3 times in each micro site.
    Step 10. Add links before publishing the post or micro site.

    That's all I do
    For tier 2 I build x10 Contextual links. Means If I made 10 micro sites then I will create 100 links for those. (Followed links)