Turnkey Web Design: Need Call Centers & Sales Reps (30% Commish)

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    If so, read & learn how we're turning 3 out of every 10 WARM
    leads into $499-999 sales and how you can join the team.

    My partner and I are development gurus. We love
    building websites, but we're growing tired of dealing
    with the clients day in and day out.

    The phone calls interrupt our flow and slow us down.
    And while I can't speak for my partner, I have a habit
    of underselling myself... too often I sympathize with
    the guys with big dreams and low budgets.

    So the past few months we've been busy setting up
    a turnkey sales system so we can team up with some
    of the more savvy sales people out there.

    If you're familiar with spec'ing out website jobs,
    but don't need the hassle of actually building the
    sites, I think you'll really enjoy working with us.

    I have hundreds of warm leads to chew through.
    I've had brief face time with most of the people in
    my database, and there's an immediate trust bond
    just from the venue I pick them up. My partner
    and I usually close 3 out of 10... and we're by
    no means sales experts.

    The Offer:

    I put together a pretty solid video offer page - take a look:

    We're dealing 100% in Wordpress, so the reality is we
    can turn and burn several of these a day. Plenty of
    feature add-ons and marketing upsells available too.

    $500-1800 SEO Packages that are guaranteed to work

    Facebook Advertising that can target a location
    within a 1 mile radius. Can get inside the consumer's head
    with psychographic targeting. Imagine targeting people
    not only by age or gender, but by what books they read,
    what movies/shows they watch, or by several thousand
    other interests/hobbies listed in profiles across the globe.

    These are just 2 of many services from which you could profit.

    The Process:

    We've setup everything to be as streamlined as possible.
    In addition to a warm supply of leads, you get your own
    salespage with lead capture built in. All submitted form-data
    from your page generates a new lead in the system and is
    automatically assigned to your account in the CRM.

    The CRM helps organize customer information and has
    several done-for-you email templates to use during the
    acquisition process. We also have an invoice template
    with an embedded PayPal button for your close.

    If interested, please PM me right away. I've already set up
    2 sales reps in Colorado and Australia who I feel I can trust
    with the brand. Maybe you'll have the chance to join the team.

    We're offering up to 30% commissions to independent sales reps.
    On a $499 website, that's $150 a close. $300 on custom designs.

    I'm on Skype all day. My handle is spectromx5

    Look forward to chattin.

    Good luck!