Turned ONE $2.50 Article Into $500 Per Month


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Sep 29, 2012
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Some cool info i found on the web,it was not written by me and in no way am i calming credit.Also if this is of no value to you don't blame me,i just taught i would share.

Also if this was already share or in the wrong section,please remove it

Written by BloggingPro

How I Turned ONE $2.50 Article Into $500 Per Month


I always hate these silly introduction's in WSO's. But here is where I am going to outline to you what I did to turn one $2.50 article into a consistent and stable monthly income.

The process is called article rewriting, and believe it or not there are literally thousands of online business owners desperately looking to get news articles and PLR blog posts rewritten to appease Google's ever changing algorithm.
They all want original content, but don't want to pay for it. Enter you. The high quality article rewriter. Now before you run off and scream, "this is too hard, I want my money back" think about this for a minute. While we're at it, let's answer a few questions.

Do you speak English, or another language that is native to you and/or your potential clients? Can you put things into your own words? If you answered yes to both of those questions you are a prime candidate to start earning consistent and stable income online.
And here is how...

Step 1 - Finding Clients

By far the most daunting task. After-all that is what you are here for-to learn how to find clients that are desperately searching for you.

Before we go further, lets get a little pep talk out of the way. Remember professionalism and quality go a long ways. This means that you will need to manually rewrite these articles. Don't offer something of high quality and then think you can simply [spin] an article and that will suffice.

If you want to earn that stable and consistent income your work will need to be of high quality and professional. What does that mean? It means no/minimal spelling errors, using correct grammar and interacting with your clients in a professional manner-either by telephone, Skype or email.

But what if I'm not a good writer? First things first, everyone can be a good writer. It takes serious practice and effort to become a GREAT writer, but good? I think you can manage that. Remember to check for spelling errors!
When I first started doing this, I was simply looking to get paid for some quick and dirty article writing work. The niche I was building a website for at the time was killing me with boredom and I needed something to take my writers mind elsewhere.
Me being an enterprising individual, one who values his time as much as his money, I hit the various marketing forums to find a new topic to write about. I used the Digital Point forums, and even right now as I write this there are quite a few users asking for article rewrites.

You can also use the Warrior Forum, but most of my long term writing deals come from Digital Point.
My first job was to rewrite 15 articles in the wine niche. The client was offering $2.50 per article after she received my sample rewrite via email. The articles were just 400-500 words in length and all I had to do was simply rewrite them in my own words.
Zero research, zero formatting, just rewriting what was already in front of me. It took about two hours to complete the articles and I banked thirty-seven dollars and some change on the service. That equated to about $19 PER HOUR to rewrite articles.
Do I have your attention now?

Head on over to the Content Creation Sub-Forum inside the Digital Point Forums and start looking for clients. Your looking for those who are desperately seeking out rewriting services.

Step 2 - Approaching Clients/Responding To Offers

Once you have found a potential client via the Content Creation sub-forum at DP, you can start to paint a picture of what you are doing. You will find a plethora of users wanting PLR blog posts rewritten, but what you really want to look for are those who are seeking articles to be written on a consistent basis.

These clients will have threads talking about a website, most likely a news site, that needs fresh content by the spoonful each and every day.

This is where your stable and consistent income will come from. To this day I still rewrite articles for three websites, all of them covering different types of news. Online TV, Pro Wrestling, and Xbox gaming are the three niches. I found all three clients on the Digital Point forums.
The clients pay between $2.50 and $3.00 per article rewrite and I pump out three to five news articles per day for each of the websites. On a good day I rewrite 15 news articles between the three sites, on a "lazy day" I do just 9.
It never takes me more than TWO hours to complete my daily rewrites, and two of the website owners send me links to the articles they want rewritten, which greatly cuts down on my time-investment.

But I still do the one-off blog post rewriting all the time as well. So finding yourself one or two clients who need daily content rewritten (again most likely for a news site) coupled with rewriting a few blog posts and you can see how the money quickly adds up.
Now this isn't some "pie-in-the-sky" method, that if you just implement it, it will work. No! This is a bonafide way to generate $500+ per month. I know this because I have been doing it every month for almost a year now.
Step 3 - The Sample Article

This is a very important step and if you follow the instructions I am about to give, you will lessen your chances of getting ripped off. No doubt there are quite a few people on the forums (both Warrior and DP) that are trying to score a free article from you.
These people will advertise that they are seeking an article rewriter and then have you rewrite them a sample article of their choosing and have you send it to them via email. That is all fine and dandy, but if you end up doing that you are just going to get ripped off.

Rather, once you have begun communicating with your potential client and they ask for a sample article be sure to cover yourself. For starters do not rewrite an article that they send you, or if you do, only offer up 150-200 words of said article.
Your goal is to show your client that your grammar and writing skills are top notch. You shouldn't be providing a free rewrite via email correspondence before your getting paid.

If its a news site that you will be rewriting for it's much easier. Simply gather details about the niche, find an article somewhere else, rewrite that article, and then provide that client with a link pointing back to the source.
You should really be providing no more than 300 words in your sample rewrite. That is more than enough to showcase your writing ability.
Once you have provided the sample article, be sure to follow up with the client. Don't be pushy, but show them that you are attentive and ready to begin working.
Sum It Up Already!
Remember this isn't some "pie-in-the-sky" method. In fact this is something I do every day, five days a week to further my monthly income along. For most of you I'm sure just $250 per month would be welcome, much less $500+ which is what I've been generating from this method working around 40 hours per month doing it.
So to recap, your going to head over the Digital Point forums and look under the Content Creation sub-forum in the sales section.
From there you will seek out clients who are desperately looking for you. You really will be surprised how many business people are looking for article rewriters, many of them paying $2.50 and above per 300-500 word articles.

Once you have found a potential client, go through the motions with the sample article, act professional and then get to work! It really is that easy. Easier than you think, and quite possibly the easiest way to start generating cash online RIGHT NOW.
That's it. That's all it takes. Now go implement these steps. There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to make back your investment in this report by the end of today.
Best wishes to you in your marketing pursuits!

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Comic sans in bold!?

And this is copied from a WSO.
Comic sans in bold!?

And this is copied from a WSO.

Well jeez i have no idea what font to use
and did i not mention it was not written by me??
I did not purchase it i saw it somewhere on the web
All I can say is truly a great twist to an old method.twists are what it takes to make x,xxx from x
I don't get how you turn one article worth $2.5 into $500? where's the "twist"?

This guy is just being paid to rewrite articles, $2.5 - $3 per piece, no twist, no nothing.
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