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    Jun 10, 2014
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    Hello, I hope this is the right place for this question i'm new here.

    I simply want an application for windows that could do something like search multiple tube sites (adult) and download un unlimited supply based on keywords and categories.

    I understand there are many commercial and some free web scripts that scrap the popular sites and downloads the content. This could work but I'm not looking at creating an automated site just so I can grab the vids.

    I found many windows applications but most of them just detect the video in the browser or a clipboard link. In other words I have to queue them all one by one. This is not good for me.

    I found one application vdownloader that seems that have an RSS feed grabber section. This would do the trick but playing with those settings seem to reveal it only works for youtube rss. If only I could find a program that does the RSS grabber would be the easiest imo.

    So moving on to other ways such as using link scapper software. If I can get mass links to the vids then its not a far stretch to do a one time import or clipboard cut and paste and let the app work all night....... But the popular software talked about from this site does not seem to work great. I can only get a few urls and it does not really have much documentation on how to use it for downloading porn as that wasn't the whole intent of it.

    So anyhow would anyone have any hints? Software or methods? Even an RSS link scapper if its even out there.
    Thank you all
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    hmm interesting question, i'd be curious as well