trying to understand backlinks

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    hey fellow blackhtr's!

    trying to understand how to create backlinks...

    I'll do a search on google and find any site that is similar in nature to the one I have,
    which is "adulting dating" oriented, then I'll take that domain and put it into a backlink checker
    to see what type of links they have, hopefully I can learn this way

    I put the domain in a backlink checker, then look at the backlinks

    I go to those backlinks, and in many cases don't find anything that links back
    to this person's domain? it might be an article, with links, that simple lead
    right back to that same article with no external linking??:why:

    any suggestion on some nuts and bolts info on backlinks that is concise and truley helpful in understanding?

    thanks people's!

    Hali :30:
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    As far as I know, backlink is a link that lies on other websites which is linked to your website.

    There are two kinds, i.e. inbound link and outbound link.
    Also I have ever heard about one way and two way backlink.
    But I am sure the detail for this.

    If somebody knows about this, please explain more
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    A backlink is a link that links to your domain. For example i put my the link of my website on my friends homepage. Then there would be a total of 1 backlinks to my website. And that backlink would be coming from my friends website.