Trying To Make The Transition To Full Time


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Mar 15, 2018
I hope this won't be deemed as LQ, and I hope that others that may be in a similar position may see some value in this...

Anyways, I've been trying to transition from my current job into doing digital marketing full time. I've interviewed at a few agencies, but despite my dev and sales skills they were more concerned with seeing more experience/results. Which is understandable, because who would want to hire someone that may underperform, right? My plan at first was to land something entry level of which I could work and learn full time and get that experience/proven results.

However, I feel now that it may make more sense to approach businesses on my own and try to sell them my services.

Now, I've came across a local business that has in-house marketing people. However, they don't really do much digitally and are more so event planners from what I have witnessed. I would like to get them on as a client, but I feel that may be difficult as I don't have much real world work to present.

And so, I am growing pages/followings to essentially prove that I can organically grow a following.

Ultimately, do you think I should grow these pages to a certain amount before approaching this client or just go in with nothing?
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