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    Hey everyone,

    I've been on BHW for a little while now but have never really gotten too involved. Mainly been lurking and trying to find some methods that work for me. I've done some paid CPA stuff in the past but never really had too much success with it. I've made money but lost money too. I've decided to go with more of a stable route so I threw up a website and right now all of my efforts are focused on that single website. Wish me luck!

    What I'm asking from you guys is this, when starting up a new website in what promotion methods do you like best and in what order do you do them. For instance, after the site was finished I began doing a little social bookmarking for every article on my site. Right now I'm using tweetattacks to get some traffic from twitter. I don't have a plan for the near future, just to keep building up the content of my site. Let me hear your opinion and thanks for any advice that you can give!