Truth about - Landing page and locking file! PPD stuff!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by pvmtoilet, Mar 2, 2013.

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    1.So I'm getting like - 40 clicks - 3 leads :) And... I don't use landing page... Just direct link... What you guys think about using a landing page? Is it worth it? I heard some pros said its not really good... But who knows that thing?

    2.And other thing is traffic to my youtube videos... How you like to get traffic? I use vagex and similar sh*t and I'm at 1 page... But not at google... Do you use something different? Like creating a page?

    3. Clickbank or amazon. My plan is to take a video and edit it and upload it! I will make a simple blogspot or wordpress landing page to order it... I will use vagex and other that stuff to boost traffic to my videos... But! If I want to get traffic to my blogspot page! What should I do first? And if I wan't to review products... Is it worth to do it at free blogspot domain? Because I don't know how I will get at least 40 visits each day :)

    Why I want to know all this stuff? Because now I'm making only 5.00$ per day and I want to reach more ! MUCH MORE!
    Thank Guys!
    PvmToilet ;*​
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    depend on what your traffic expect - if you link someone with "download link" and it appears to be some other page most people will leave
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    I have one question, if you are using blogspot there is no change for google to ban your blogspot domain if you are using it as a landing page? I know its probably a silly question for someone who already knows this but i want to make all things clear for me. Thanks
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    I use free websites/blog and get minimum 5 click to a download, you get 13 clicks to a download.

    But if you mainly use Youtube stick with mediafire and then send them to your locker/PPD because it decreases the chance of videos getting taken down.

    just my opinion.