TrustRank does not exist

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    Time for a final discussion on the TrustRank! TrustRank myth still exists.
    Name TrustRank is now a trend to trade links; "Links with high TrustRank"

    ..... To me it's not about any advertising or pointless discussion, but you have to decide in the end whether there TrustRank

    Why do I need?
    seo forums about no one not discussed, and the internet from time to time there are articles in which rates Majestic (who does not see all the links) Citation Flow compare to PageRank and TrustRank Trust Flow to know right away so they do not watt read;)

    Formulated 13 theses denying the existence of TrustRank :)

    1. TrustRank does not exist and never existed. No one has ever confirmed its existence, Google has always denied. Some say that Google has hidden this assessment before positioners - you could keep guessing, Google certainly a lot of hiding, but TrustRank has never been proven by the sensors.

    2. "Parties have blocked the transmission of spam TrustRank assessment, so do not affect the assessment of the linked page TrustRank." Then why spam links from harm? footnote. SEO for each Author: Evan Bailyn

    3. "The assessment also affects TrustRank domain age and the number of g +." The age of the domain is always affected the positioning and g + affects the personalization on Google. Until that Google+ will soon cease to exist, so if Google pozbywało would be a key factor in the assessment of TrustRank? It follows that the initial statement is nonsense, taken from the book of SEO for each Author: Evan Bailyn

    4. The authors assertions concerning the existence TrustRank also believe that PageRank does not exist, let alone read the entry

    5. TrustRank is the successor of PageRank, which is not taken into account since 2007. And yet PageRank existed and still exists today. In fact, the public is not always clearly illustrated the power of your site, but the right one is still measured PageRank, although the public does not update Google it;)

    6. TrustRank is another populist name trade links. Until now sold links from high PageRank, recently there is a trend for selling links from high TrustRank

    7. Evaluations TrustRank can not be measured numerically. Whether a party is a high score TrustRank can be established on the basis of its position on Google - or go back to the essence of positioning; 200 factors, positioning, and it is the position of the parties determines the value of SEO. So the site may have a bad score TrustRank, and be highly because it decided that one of the factors of 200? How is it to local search results? XD

    8. Pozycjonerzy not even agree on the assessment scale TrutRank, from the start and continue to believe that the assessment of TrustRank is on a scale of 0-100 which is probably taken from the indicator Majestic "TRUST FLOW", while a lot of people fortresses honor that is TrustRank the same scale as the PageRank, which is 0-10.

    9. There are even tools such as measuring TrutRank.

    10. "Citation Flow is something similar to Google PageRank, its value depends on the number and strength of inbound links, while the Trust Flow is basically based on the concepts of TrustRank" from the and yet a large part of positioners stated that the indicators Majestic Trust Citation Flow Flow and do not reflect the value of SEO on Google.

    11. "Websites with low Trust Rank link to our website to lower it to us." Pages spam do not pass the assessment TrustRank, we avoid the intermediate parties - to link safely with spam? ;) How to determine whether a party has a low TrustRank and it lowers our website or are blocked TrustRank transfer capacity and does not reduce us to our assessment? Natural linking users not able to reduce the time TrustRank and for the assessment of the position of the parties together - something's not right!

    12. The last serious discussion about the existence of TrustRank to PIO was held in 2009, apparently decided it was just a story;)

    13. TrustRank algorithm created by Jan Pedersen from Yahoo, in collaboration with the University of Stanford. In that case, why not put Yachoo this great evaluation for your own ranking algorithm only uses the Bing now? : D

    Waiting for counterarguments, you need to come to a final conclusion :) please give the numbers that you want to pry too :)