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    Because the other time I got scammed and lost my money. This time I only choose from trusted members on BHW. So if you have a good reputation here and you can make it, feel free to reply or send me a message with you skype, time needed and the price.

    It is a price comparison program. The program must check prices on different kind of websites (Dutch sites). It must compare the new price with the old prices. Lets say I take site "" for example. I only have to enter "" and the program search all the possible outcomes of this site with a price by a product ( I think this is called a scraper. So that I do NOT have to enter all the products by manual. When I push the "refresh" button it scans the new prices and compare it with the old ones. Then it must alert me (e-mail) when there is a price change, like drops of 5-10%, 10-20%, 20-30% etc.

    Things I want (if possible ofcourse):
    ? Alert by email when there is a price drop with a certain % (and higher % ofcource) of the old price. (+ Option were I can change the % setting).
    ? Need a password for login. (not allowed for other people).
    ? Category pro site and for all sites together (electronic, clothes, shoes, games, etc). With an option to scan or not to scan a category (on/off option) -> put site in caterogy by myself
    ? Option to scan a compleet site or not (on/off) + the pro category pro site option.
    ? Search function for products.
    ? Ofcourse I must see the product name.
    ? Price history of the product (results of previous scanning).
    ? Possibility to add a promotion code (% discount on price) for site (like 10% off or 10euro discount on all products on that site, but not really necessary)
    ? Setting for minimium and maxium price of products I want to scan.
    ? Output to excel (just text).
    ? Possibility to add new sites or remove sites
    ? A history log of price drops pro site. Starting from a certain % (like 30%)
    ? Price graph or price history pro product.
    ? Schedule/update times
    ? Price drops pro catergory. Like 0%-10% drops, 10-20% drops, 20-30% drops etc

    Budget: Say your price and we will see.
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    I'm affraid what you're asking for is not really possible.
    You can't create a software in which you just give it a website (no matter what website),
    and it will show you the results, UNLESS it's an AI. I would say that what you're asking
    for starts at, at least $2k, for something valueable. Maybe this is the reason why you got scammed so many times,
    because not many people will be able to offer you such thing, even if they say they do, because again, it would need to be an atrificial inteligence.
    Not sure you're going to find the right person for this job here though.

    PS: But yes, you can get a software, that works for more than just one website,
    and yes, it's called a scraper, but the programmer would need with the websites you want.
    He should have a list of all the websites you want to scrape from, but again, if you just want
    to enter whatever website you want, has to be an AI.
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    Thanks for your reply and for the information. That I got scammed sometimes is sad, but we can learn from it.
    Yea a member told me already that I needed to change some things, bacause otherwise it will be a bloody work to make it.
    I already made a static list of websites.