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Jul 10, 2016
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True Search Engines Parser is designed for parsing links, snippets and search prompts in Google search engine. The first edition of this parser was released in 2012 for a narrow circle of users, and since 26.06.2016 it has been available for everyone on this website.

System Requirements
Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher.

Threads – the number of threads.
SE – the choice of a search engine and a language.
Save key – choose whether to save the key, which is used to search for results. In data.txt the results will be saved according to the formula:[PARAM]: Авто
Level – the parsing depth. The number of pages that will be opened (as for Google, it has 100 results on each page with the maximum of 10 pages). Set the parameter to 0 to search through the maximum number of pages (10 for Google).
Proxy – choose whether to take them from the proxy.txt file or from a given link once a minute. Attention!!! The program doesn’t work without proxy, because the search engines quickly block the ip and start giving out captchas.
keys.txt – the file with keys.
proxy.txt – the file with proxy-servers (you need to fill the file it the Proxy parameter is set to take proxy from the file and not from a URL)
The files need to be filled before starting the program, and only in utf-8.

A case of using the parser
Let’s assume that we need to parse all the websites built on Joomla engine. A characteristic feature of Joomla is having "option=com_content" in URLs. So if you use inurl:"option=com_content" in the search query, Google will give out no more than 1 000 results. To parse more websites we are going to need more variations of queries. It can look like this:
inurl:"option=com_content" automobile
inurl:"option=com_content" car repair
To create a large list of keys you can use a special program that makes combinations of keys from two lists - Combinations. For example, initially we have:
List 1:
List 2:
Then we get:
key1 key3
key1 key4
key2 key3
key2 key4
Together with the program you get some lists of thematic keys, which you can use to make combinations (only lists in Russian are available now). Let’s take any two of the lists, for example "towns no countries.txt" and "high frequency queries.txt". Put these lists into "1.txt" and "2.txt" respectively, run the program, set a space as a divider instead of a colon, press Combinations, close the program. Now you have 7.5 million keys in data.txt, and you only have to add a feature of an engine to them for example, inurl:"option=com_content". So we run the program again, and use a spase as the divider again. As a result we get a list of queries which look like the following:
inurl:"option=com_content" Allentown year
inurl:"option=com_content" Allentown people
inurl:"option=com_content" Allentown time
inurl:"option=com_content" Allentown affairs
That’s just what we need. Now just add this list into True Search Engines Parser
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