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Troubles with FollowLiker

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by Twickburns, May 20, 2016.

  1. Twickburns

    Twickburns Junior Member

    Apr 21, 2015
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    Hey everyone.

    I have used FL for a few months now with great success on about 10 or so accounts. I have recently started a new project within FL with three different accounts. However none of the accounts are following anymore. The first day all but one did. I have it set to follow everyday Monday-Sunday. One account did not follow any however I have it set to scrape followers from a 600k page with very high engagement, and the other two are scraping from similar accounts. The other two followed about 290 people and now will not follow anyone else. I restarted the project but still no luck. I've never ran into this before.

    I will post some Activity log examples when I get home but I do recall there were no error messages in the activity log. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions that could help me out please let me know that would be great!