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    I am running a private URL Shortener service monetized with Peerfly CPA. You can see an example here (

    Basically my service will attached a footer bar to the original URL with sharing service from

    Visitor will get to see my CPA offer in 2 ways.

    1. A text ad with link to the CPA will appear on the footer bar. So when the visitor clicks on the link, a CPA popup will appear.

    2. When the visitor close the footer bar a CPA popup will appear.

    How does it triple my ****** amount?

    If I am not wrong, ****** gives you $4/1000. Imagine my CPA conversion rate is 1% with average payout of $1.50:

    1000 * 1% = 10
    10 * $1.50 = $15

    80% of my profit will be given to you:
    $15 * 80% = $12

    How to take part?

    You just have to send me your URL to be shorten. Please also indicate the country and niche you are targeting. I will reply back with the shortened URL and I will track via your username.

    After that, you just have to promote the shortened URL like you promote via ******.


    I will not accept illegal sites like warez, adults, etc.

    If this is successful, I might provide api for easier access and maintenance.
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