Trial offers posted and no sigups WHY?


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Feb 17, 2010
Yesterday I put two trial offers on Ebay for a fitness product and a beauty treatment product directing to a page with the offers on.

I got a rush of stats 35 for one and about 54 for the other then it seemed to stop according to stats.
THing is NO signups for free trial.

This is baffling as they are highly targetted people looking for the same thing.
Can anyone explain apart from merchant or Copeac scamming why people dont sign up as its cheaper and risk free?
I thought this would be quite a good idea but obviously to now it isnt LOL
Who will explain why people dont sign for trial offers for stuff they are searching for?
Pretty killer rmethod I thought

You cant get mch more targetted than that
People looking to buy things on ebay are looking to buy things on ebay, not sign up for trial offers, you need to se ll them something, they are their to spend money and have later gratification when the product arrive s in the mail, play with it for a few days, and then buy something else.
Yeah but they are looking for bargain and if they get trial offer they could possibly send back and get card refund then why not?
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