Treating Serious Traffic Drop as a Business Loss

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    I'm in the USA. I had a successful tv show website, that is now worthless.

    Here is the story:
    Early in the year, all the SOPA/PIPA bull was causing all the video hosts to mass delete all their videos for fear of being the next megavideo. All this created a huge fear and uncertainty in this niche, and as a result my site traffic dropped quickly and steadily. Now there is no way to fix it, it is worthless and I gave up hope on the site a long time ago.
    Here is the thing tho: The site did make a decent amount of revenue this year (even though now it is not making anything). I put hundreds of hours into this site and operating it. I was thinking that maybe I can write off the huge drop in traffic and revenue as a business expense / capital loss or something.

    I can prove my case with google analytics and my ad network's revenue history for my site. Essentially what I'm trying to say is that my business lost an important intangible asset: the Goodwill of visitors. Real publicly traded companies actually expense intangible assets pretty frequently.

    I'm trying to figure out a way to put a reasonable cost of the permanent loss of traffic (and essentially end of the business). I can seriously argue that all the work I put in on the site was worth something, so I believe I should be able to deduct it somehow.

    Can anyone give some thoughts and advice?
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    I think your loss is no different than a retal shop losing sales. They cant write that loss off.
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    You are going to have to show the steady income you were making on this venture. Also it will need to be
    a registered business before you can receive any benefits like this.