Trapko's challenge: Let's make real money in 2013

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    Hi guy's.

    Im 20 years old guy from eastern Europe. Im not exacly new to this IM shit and got a lot of lessons from last year (started in november 2011-i count it as a year). I want to write journal regulary to keep myself focused, take right action and hopefuly get feedback and suggestions from you.

    Old project: Dating niche
    2012 has been mostly about my dating blog. It grew from 50 visitors day to 700 visitors a day. However i have been focused mainly on content quality and regular article writing, so sales havent exacly followed the traffic. This year i ordered marketing company to rewrite sales letters for products, change architecure (pages, categories) little and do some other stuff on website. Gonna cost 500 euro so i hope they'll be good.

    Revenue in 2012 from it was around 4500 euro and this year. It was great, i am finaly able to pay for my phone bills, friday nights, gym, thaibox and all the other expenses and not rely on father. This year I want attack 8-10k with this website. Plan how to get there is continue posting quality articles (find reliable quality authors for this - i dont have that much time for it anymore), tape into new traffic sources (PR articles on big blogs, build mailing list, CPC campaigns).

    Will be posting about it.

    short-term plan:
    -hire new quality author
    -make changes with suggestions from marketing company

    New project: penis enlargement website
    My new blog. Found, that it is untapped in my country - there are just some sales pages with pills but no proper penis enlargement site.
    Plan is to make it authority.

    What i made til now:
    15 articles on site - unique written by me.
    On-page seo
    40 website directories in my country - all with unique descriptions
    4 web 2.0 blogs with unique articles in my language, with picture, video, and link to site and wikipedia.

    KW1: 8000 exact: NA -> NA
    KW2: 900 exact: NA -> 25

    there are some other long tails that i am adding also, but focus are this two for now...

    short term plan:
    -10 buy new articles for nichesite
    -make 3 web 2.0 blogs in native language alll with 3x500 unique content (tier1)
    -order some safe seo for money site to have different links, than just web 2.0 and directory
    -get to the top 10 in results with kw2

    long term plan:
    - nr. 1 result in google for all desired keywords
    - make it authority
    -write a ebook
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    Mar 13, 2012
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    Dating site - Finaly new author for blogs. + interest in products rises, hope close rate of interested potencial clients will raise after the media agency work.

    Penis site - ordered one seo package here on bhw and also made some forum/blog comments on related sites. Ordered 10 new posts for 30 bucks. After installing analytics was suprised, that it had 20 uniques today
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    Good luck! Will follow your journey.
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    Good eye, hope you make this work. Following.
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    I havent updated for a long time, but changing it now.

    1. how to get women/dating
    How to get women niche is not selling so well this year. Product that i was selling there (ebook) is almost stopped selling, so income from that site was for this year only around 600-800 euro. Pretty sad, but main copywriter, who is also really cool dude who got laid with over 100 chicks is making new video training program for the site, whitch will be released in end of summer, so this schould kick the sales up again.
    i also made some changes in design (whole new wp theme) and hovewer it looks better, it probably has to do with conversions.... i must work on it :/

    2. penis enlargement niche
    This looks like website that will save me this year. Blog is slowly getting positions, lots of keyword are in first page, some are even in top 3-5 range and it is getting better.
    Blog gets around 80 visitors day and i expect 200-300 after the seo work will be done.
    Problem is small click through rate to product site where i am selling product (penis extender). I only get cca 4 visitors a day to product page. It is mainly because not soo efective banner and also a lot of posts were about jelqing, stretching techniqes...

    Page, where i sell products is online for one month and i have already 4 sales with the small traffic i have now. Also i sell for 59 euro and have 27 euro profit. So i made 120 euro in month with this one. which is really good, when i realize, that it is not even finished in terms of traffic and ctr to product page.

    This is hovewer changing, i hired copywriter to make a quality PR article about penis extender which goes and stays as first post on page one, with link to product page, so i expect at least 20% ctr to product.

    With bigger traffic, hopefully i hit at least 600 euro/month stable income from this one.

    I also plan to make an ebook about penis enlargemnt, since they sell, but problem is - it is really hard to find a copywriter for this stuff. it is not so popular in my country. Probably going to write it myself....

    Future plans: (currently working on)
    Boilers website.
    My father works as boiler repair man. I building him an website to find new customers and also help him to grow - we are starting to sell boilers through e-commerce website.
    Seo competition as well as ppc advertisement is not expensive, so i cant wait to see results. It is finaly something real, that i can talk about, when gf's friends ask me about what i am doing for money... try to say "learning men getting women/selling products, that make your penis bigger" and you look like fool :D

    How to loose fat - website specialy for women
    This is just and idea and i haven't started working on it, but it has potencial since all other websites are targeting men/women combined. I thing, going more deep and make it specialy for women will do better since the competition is lower and... women have a looot of issues with this :D

    Also thank you for following guys, i will defo update, when i will have something to talk about.
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    Good Luck with this Journey! :)
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    no man's land
    good luck and lots of success with your journey