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    Hi guys,

    I am interested in those peeps here who never find any service for foreign language content. I am setting up a cloud server where you can translate our content or your own content. It works this way :

    1) Service 1 - We have over 1 million articles in english over 400-500 niches. You can select the niche and the output language (12 available other than english) and it will build a spun article in english and then translate it with spintax ofcourse. We spin on word level and paragraph level and then translate it.

    2) Service 2 - In other service you can translate your own content to any of the 12 languages (if you think google or bing then they do not support huge document size articles and spintax breaks)

    Do you think you will need a service like this or such content can help you? I am going to join Jr.VIP by today or tomm and then post a beta testing thread for both services (with api ofcourse)

    Let me know what you guys think and how i can help you further with this. I have been active in IM for over 2 years and am sad to see that no service or spinners offers translation. I know english spun + translation sounds like a bad joke but atleast you can try it.

    (Mod note - If too salesy then delete it please)

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