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Trailing slash/ no trailing slash in url =Duplicate content?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by Junoseo, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. Junoseo

    Junoseo Newbie

    Oct 22, 2016
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    Hi guys,

    When you have an url with a trailing slash at the end and the same url with no trailing slash at the end.
    Is it still considered by Google as duplicate content?
    I have read somewhere that it wasn't anymore but I am not sure.
  2. validseo

    validseo Senior Member

    Jul 17, 2013
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    Professional SEO
    Seattle, Wa
    No one knows the mind of Google... sometimes not even Google. What I have noticed in the past and recently is that all URLs no matter how slight the difference tend to be treated as different pages unless special configurations were made in GSC or in the site itself. So HTTPS version is a different page from the HTTP version. WWW version is a different page from the non-WWW version. With multiple domains the .com is a different page than the .net... And trailing slash is a different page from non-trailing slash.

    Trailing slash is loaded because some browser versions add it if it is missing. Some remove it if it is present. It wouldn't surprise me if google accounts for this now, but I have seen it in the duplicate titles and descriptions reporting in GSC. Then the question becomes "Does Google behave the way GSC implies Google behaves?"

    Feels pretty dirty already. Don't worry. There is a reasonable fix. Be super strict about your URL formatting and never change your URL formats. Additionally put a canonical URL on every page specifying the most appropriate URL for the page. Then be sure your navigation, sitemaps, feeds, ads, external links, etc. all use the strict canonical URL. Then manage your preferences for WWW and HTTPS in GSC and the duplicate content problem should clear up in a few weeks.
  3. mbreezy

    mbreezy Jr. VIP Jr. VIP

    Jun 27, 2012
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    It is a lot like have a www and non-www versions live. Duplicate content isn't such a big deal when it is internal. In general it is signaling low quality.

    As long as your rel=canonical is setup correctly you should be ok. Ideally, you'd before redirecting everyone to one URL structure.