Traffic Vance vs. Media Traffic


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Mar 2, 2009
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If you're targeting the same URL on both networks, which one will get you the most traffic? Is it close or does one blow the other away? Which one is gonna get me the traffic!?
I use them both, and it really depends on the URL.. Lets just say using and if no one was bidding on that URL or you were the #1 bidder.

Id say Traffic Vance gets about 2x the amount of traffic then Media traffic.

And Zango 4x the amount, linksador about 1/3 the traffic.

But i love the interface of Traffic Vance alot easier to use, but then again really a users preference.
TV is probaly the best network. I believe it isn't that easy to get in either. You need to be refered by an existing member.. last i checked. If you have a referal then go with TV. They have better quality traffic in my opinion.
I read in several big forum many claim that TV is convert. I only doubt now,when too many marketers flood to TV. There will repetition annoying ads pop up or pop under to same people. Not to mention bidding war start each others.
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No one of them worths to participate. But maybe all of them worth it. If someone says that something works good, don't beleive him. No normal man will tell someone if something works good for him. They will always lie and tell you that something works good while it doesn't work good, and they will tell you that something works bad when it doesn't work bad. So first of all, never ask such questions.
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