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Discussion in 'CPA' started by j0b0123, Jan 28, 2010.

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    I have been using a method of using google hot trends to find stuff that is popular to drive traffic to CPA offers.

    Mainly I have been using stuff where I can simulate a video play that is locked or some content that is hidden to get people to the CPA offer.

    All offers are email or zip submits, and 2 of the 3 offers are actually allowed to be incentivized. I have only been doing this for 4 days now.

    I make 2 sites a day based off of hot trends on blogger, make sure the trend phrase is title of site etc. Include some content on it and a few decent pics. One of them I use an editor to make it look like its a video. I tell users they have to click on the pic, complete the basic request then come back and content unlocked if traffic is not too high.

    I can get somewhat decent traffic to the offers (50-60 per day per offer/site click thru) but I have yet to have any conversions. Not one in 4 days and about 400+ clicks. They are only zip and email submit, what is the normal traffic/conversion on something like this. I figured video (secret unreleased etc) would be a good draw to get people to do the action. I would gladly scale up but I need something that works first in order to concentrate my efforts lol :)

    Granted, I am not building long term links to these sites, because they are based on current hot trends. I only mash the site into quick linkers to get indexed, and perhaps put the site into BMD for some social love, but nothing more than that.

    Anyone give me a bit of pointers on what I can do to improve, I am somewhat new to CPA and want to try to make it work.
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    Based on click.

    20% and above is pretty normal.
    If you hit really nice targetted and good content, you can even go up too 35-40% and sometimes 50% ..

    But over 400 clicks and no leads.. Something must be wrong. :->