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    Hi Friends,

    I've been in this forum for a long long time. I had been searching for a way to make
    money online but due to life requirements, I always have to get a job and doesn't really
    have enough time to tweak the methods here until they work. There are simply too
    many methods here.

    I realized there are three things needed to make money online.

    Pay Master -> Amazon, Clickbank, CPA, etc...
    Traffic -> Search engines, free ebooks, etc...
    Landing Page -> Wordpress, blogger, hubpages, etc...

    After all these years, its this month that Internet Marketing really thrills me.
    This is because I've found a good Pay Master and a good Traffic Source.

    Today, this JV is about my traffic source package in exchange for your CPA landing page package.

    The traffic source is something that I've tested and shows up on my stats. The traffic is
    1) Laser Targeted
    2) Any Niche (can choose)
    3) Any Country (can choose)
    4) Real Human
    5) 2 such traffic in 1 minute
    and best of all, its FREE

    Its sounds like a gold mine but the problem I have here is, I do not
    know how to get them to sign up for CPA offers or buy something.
    It means that I do not know how to convert them. That is why
    I need a proven landing page package.

    The traffic source package will include:
    1) Baby steps to achieve the golden traffic as mentioned
    2) My personal plug and play script to monitor traffic
    3) Integrated referral footprint removal into the traffic monitoring script
    4) The video which I had found, that taught me how to do it
    5) I can show you any day that it works by driving such traffic to
    any page you want.

    It takes 5 minutes per campaign for me to setup. (Two links to shorten, two links to change, and
    upload to your website.)

    The traffic source method I show is
    1) Manual
    2) Can be automated but I do not know how YET
    3) Can be outsourced

    I need a Full CPA landing page package that is
    1) High conversion rate (I saw 50% but I am happy with 20%)
    2) Any niche (can choose)
    3) Quick to find content and setup (within 1 hour is acceptable)
    4) Comes with graphics or free graphic sources
    5) Low cost

    You have to prove it to me that the landing page package is
    really that good as I will also show you that my traffic package
    is really that good.

    The JV may extend into automation of the whole thing
    to create the Papal Monkey Generator.

    Disclaimer: The traffic source or method might not be something
    new to you but it is guaranteed and proven to be still working TODAY.

    Please PM me if interested. I'm sincere in getting the last piece of the puzzle,
    which is a proven landing page package.

    Thank you.
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    approved- but I'm interested to find out more about the papal monkey generator...
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    Why do you struggle with CPA when you can smash the bank with PPC? Usually for any traffic PPC is the start and CPA is the next level. I'm currently banking with my autopilot PPC METHOD daily income guaranteed is $20 - $400 per 1000 uniques based on traffic country (CPC $0.50 - $5+). The more traffic you drive the more income. This is my Paypal Mon$$$ey Generator for the last 3 months.

    BTW I provide a landing page integrated into your website and my conversion rate is 5% per 1000 visitors
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