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Discussion in 'CPA' started by daff, Sep 14, 2011.

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    I have a MW3 beta viral website, which i'm sure a lot of you have come across by now as i know a lot who do it. I'm not really sure if it works but i thought i would give it a go anyway.

    I've purchased a service off of fiverr for the user to share my link to his 80k+ facebook fans and then 25k twitter followers, i paid the guy $5 and got 7 visits, so i guess i can scrap that idea. I have been posting on a lot of other facebook fanpages related to my website but not really getting it out there as much as i could to begin making money. Any ideas on what way i could go about starting it off so people begin to share the link and make it go viral. I'm guessing the starting of it is the harder part really as once it begins to go viral i should see some money coming in.

    Anyway, anyone else ever tried this method or are currently using it with any ideas for me on where/how i could go about advertising it correctly?

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    youtube marketing should be effective for that niche. Maybe try Mass Video Blaster or Tubenoia - they're both on this forum.