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    Hey everyone
    I use go0gle adw0rds external keyword tool to find high search volume keywords.

    I then check the competitions pagerank and alexa rank and all that shiz

    Then I check in go0gle insights to see the search volumes but the problem is you have to compare multiple websites and it only gives you the number of searches compared to each other, not actual values

    When I do my countries TLD this is fine because I have a site that gets at least 90% of all the traffic for one particular keyword so I can gauge how much traffic to expect by comparing any site to that site (in my country)

    But I have nothing to compare to internationally or in USA

    Does anyone have a keyword that they know almost exactly how many searches it gets a month (not according to the adw0rds keyword tool!)

    Please gimme!

    For example:
    You have a site that gets 200 hits a day and occupies the top spot for your keyword.

    Side Note:
    (the site I mentioned earlier occupies the top 2 spots for that keyword, and 6 out of the other top 10 spots for that keyword are forum posts, yahoo answers posts, articles etc... pointing people towards the main site. That site gets like 500 hits a day)