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    Hey guys,

    I just got this email through - it might be worth a read. It's a trading tip. I don't trade myself so I don't know how legit it is although I'm sure a few of the pros out there can evaluate and decide whether it's worth a look. If it's worthless then apologies!

    To Members,
    Ticker- TADF
    Price: .001
    Short Term Price: .45
    Rating- STRONG
    Man oh man, nothing beats finding about a little secret that the big players won't disclose with anyone - am I right? Our crack due diligence team has finally uncovered one new upcoming company with Top Gun Management which should be placed in your crosshairs NOW!
    Bellwether defense stocks have trounced the S & P 500 for 30 years. And regardless of the fear mongering you hear from the talking heads on financial cable networks regarding financial struggles, Overseas debt problems, or a US economic hault; it is a sure bet that in months ahead, it will not be any different. 
    Located in Nevada Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc. provides Tactical Air Courses, Craft Repair, Air-to-Air Refueling, Aerial Fire-Fighting, and Disaster Relief Services to the United States DoD and approved Allies, and other State Agencies. TADF is recognized by the USA Government as a private-sector military contractor and has now been granted all high clearance.
    Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc. might be the one investment capable of turning a mere $500 into amazing gains. Yet the fact stands your broker is basically 'forbidden' from recommending this to you. Why is that? It's because the wall street elite know the reason this type of investment makes them huge earnings is because it's exclusivityand too much exposure will water down 500 percent profit's. 
    The Remaining defense budget for the U.S. DoD for 2012 is $316.8 biIIion, raised 85% since 2001. And let's not forget about the costs of Overseas Contingency Operations, that include ongoing efforts in Iraq, that are funded alone in this years budget at nearly $83.2 billion.
    Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc. currently created an exclusive organization of retired goverment staff to operate its specialty air support services. Allowed access to USA military aircrafts like the F-16, Russian military aircrafts like the Mig-17 fighter aircraft is positioned to rain down profits for earlier traders.
    This companies value could raise in value by up to ten times its current trading price, generating huge returns for investors. Do not delay, do your research on Tactical Air Defense Services, Inc. 
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    Thanks alot, very useful.
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    Boiler Room spiel caveat emptor buyer beware