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    About Company

    I as admin of our company have been working in online marketing and trading around 10 years before creation of this project last year.
    For this project, it can be considered as large scale project, so I took time only prepare for it around 7-8 months (December 1012 to August 2013).

    Management and Team

    Our management team considered solid because it is composed of many heads with various skill and 1-2 can be classified as Thailand front line genius
    Our core management called ?NO Employment? policy means no boss policy, no working pressure, and all resources work as freelancer. Freelancers have freedom to work anytime and anywhere but they have responsible to close all works which they hold.
    We pay our freelancers as freelancer based model and give percentage based incentive to help our freelancers feel that they are owner of company.

    This is trading assistance project work like you help me post products on website.
    I will have complete account in my hand for you to post.
    At the beginning, our working style is modeled as part time job, so you can freely judge how much work you can load.

    Scope of the work

    1, I will give you a set of websites which already apply as seller..
    2. I have product detail, motivation content, and purchasing policy for you to post
    3. After get sale, you receive 40% of gross profit relate to your work
    We have strong QC team and high standard logistic center in Thailand and Japan, so all products come with 100% quality and high quality QC.


    We required trading assistance around 5 resources
    You need to ever pass selling online and know how how to post items on the sites.
    If you interest please PM me.
    Thanks. ​