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    Nov 11, 2008
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    I have been looking over tradekey and other related sites. Mainly looking at their Nikon cameras and other high priced electronics. I only look at the gold members and other paying members. However the prices they offer almost seem to good to be true! Nikon cameras that go for up words of a $1000 here in the USA at say best buy go for as little as $200-300. All of the merchants are verified and have positive feedback but I have always been taught if its to good to be true it probably not. I have spoke to their sales rep's and they say the cameras are the real deal I was just wondering if anyone has experience working with any of these merchants and how they are able to provide the prices they do. They tell me its because they get them straight from the manufacture but I didn't know that is possible
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    Read this b4 you make up your mind.........hxxp://