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Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by alexp3412, Feb 15, 2011.

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    i have a facebook account with a little over 3500 friends

    anyone want to trade for something? either a service or product

    I run a site im that im attemptiing to make go viral through fb. So here is a list some things I'd be interested in.
    -Real and targeted 'Likes' on my website
    - A good Blueprint for traffic from someone who has made a page go viral before.
    - Any good product that you have to offer that you know will work.
    - Experienced mentor who can give me proven ways to get traffic to my site specifically

    pm me with any thing your willing to offer! send your email through to. Im not sure i can pm due to low post count. Thanks!
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    there are plenty of ways to make your FB page go viral, one of them
    is having up to date content, the best way to get that is to talk to a neice, or a family
    member preferrably in the teens or early 20s, they will talk their head off about the next big thing without even realizing it, have a conversation about
    facebook and just keep it going, eventually they will give you a hint to what will go viral... and yes, im serious. Example:

    I was talking to my fiance a few months ago, about facebook.
    and she said something about women posting their bra color or something,
    this also happened last year too but it wasn't that big.
    anyways, alot of people made pages, and apps and it went somewhat viral. i know its status posting, but a app can do that huh ? yeah..
    well imagine it. and do it bro.

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