Tracking Conversions on PPC campaigns with Clickbank

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    Right now I have Adwords > Landing Page > Metaredirect > Optin-page > Clickbank offer.

    Is there anyway to setup tracking for this? I know there is prosper but can't find anything on if this is possible and I'm kind of a noob to tracking.

    I'd rather use google analytics but don't know how to track form each page.
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    Need the answer for this aswell.
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    Well I know with simple PHP you can do Adwords > track variables into cookie > output to optin page > received by email ... so I bet you can carry it over a meta redirect somehow and then carry the variables onto clickbank if they allow it.
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    That's hard to do with GA but possible.
    1. Do you have an acces to Clickbank offer page to put GA code there? If not - forget about GA for this purpose.

    If you can, go next.

    2. Multidomain tracking. Put code with the same GA id UA-XXXXXXX-YY on both LP and CB page. Read AdWords guides how to do this - you'll need to put your LP domain into CB page GA code snippet as well. Just search for "multidomain tracking in google analytics". You'll need only that line of syntax that sets a domain name, you don't need linker or setAllowLinker lines. Actually, you can paste them too, it won't harm your data, they are just useless in your case.

    3. Redirect. It breakes a session in GA. As long as your primary goal is to track AdWords performance you can teach GA to skip the redirect.

    There is such parametr as _addIgnoredRef() for GA snippet or utm_nooverride=1 for your redirect link.

    These are two ways to do the same: to tell to GA to ignore refferer for this visit. That means that GA will take previous referrer (AdWords click) and set it as a traffic source for visit at CB offer page. That's good. If you don't do that, refferer for this visit is your Landing page and conversions are associated with it, not with AdWords. That's bad.

    So we come to two methods.
    A. _addIgnoredRef()

    Sets the string as ignored term(s) for Keywords reports. Use this to configure Google Analytics to treat certain search terms as direct traffic, such as when users enter your domain name as a search term. When you set keywords using this method, the search terms are still included in your overall page view counts, but not included as elements in the Keywords reports.

    You just need to put this line into your GA snippet for CB page (not for landing page).
    _gaq.push(['_addIgnoredOrganic', 'www mydomainname dot com']); - I can't post links, so I guess, you know what to do.

    B. utm_nooverride=1
    You put it into redirect url. It tells to GA NOT TO OVERRIDE traffic source for this visit. Just to skip it and use previous data.

    Example: User comes to LP from AdWords. He signes up. You send a confirmation letter to his email. He clicks a link from this email, goes back to a website and makes an order. If you don't use utm_nooverride=1, conversion is associated with the last source - email. If you do - it's associated with AdWords click. Yammi!

    More info
    1. There is a way not to skip redirect, but to paste together all the visits into one session. It's more complicated in general and won't work in your case at all.
    I am talking about _gaq.push(['_link' function for GA or ga('require' for Universal Analytics (UA). If you find info about this, just skip - this is important for e-commerce websites with third party billing systems, etc.

    2. Take care of which version of GA are you using: GA or UA. I gave an example for older (GA) version. I didn't do this stuff with UA, so you can try to look for usage of _addIgnoredRef() in UA.

    3. There are more complicated things like playing with link model atribution and so on - you better not to touch this while you are not pretty familiar with the topic.

    In conclusion
    If you can, put utm_nooverride=1 into a redirect url and you don't need to think about versions of GA and all that complicated stuff.
    If you can't - use GA version and _addIgnoredRef()
    If you can use only UA - search how to use it there. If you find, please, post it here.

    Regards, Ezhy
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