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    Just a quick issue that may be straight forward for you Guys regarding affiliates and how to get around an issue we are having with tracking our Social Media activity.

    I'm a current, verified Amazon seller/eBay seller and have recently got someone to implement a Social Media campaign including Twitter and Facebook.

    We want to obviously track sales and figured that, as we can't do that by just directly linking our products on to the respective Social Media platforms, our Social Media Guy should set up an affiliate account like he has done which initially got accepted but then rejected within 24 hours by Amazon UK citing "Since your website doesn't appear to be finished, we're unable to view your content in its entirety.

    We've decided that your site may not present a mutually beneficial business opportunity and because of this, we can't accept your application at this time. We encourage you to resubmit your application after creating a unique site with original content."

    The site linked to the affiliate account is our own Facebook Business Page and at this time, we don't have our own website as we sell only through Amazon/eBay and want to sell through Social Media too.

    The affiliate would only be marketing our own products on our own Social Media Platforms.

    I don't currently see any other way how we could track our Social Media and specifically Facebook Activity/Sales other than using an affiliate account to market it with as just linking thee product to the Facebook page may increase sales, but we'd have no idea at all on how much/when etc.

    We basically need a solution on how to generate links to our products to use on our Social Media platforms that we can track and differentiate from our regular products on Amazon/eBay.

    If that isn't via an Amazon/eBay Partner/Affiliate campaign then it's not a problem, we just though that would be the simplest way but it seems it isn't.

    Any ideas on how to get around this would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.
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