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    I am starting a lead generation business and making money through referral traffic to local businesses. I take a percentage of the sale of leads I refer to the business. Let's say for example I am working with a dentist. I have a 1-800 cloud number forwarded to his business number. I assume that the honor system will work and he or she will pay up when I generate those leads.

    However, are there any alternative tracking methods that you can think of? My cloud phone system records calls so I will be listening to see how they go however I don't feel like having to investigate to get my portion!
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    Unfortunately you'll have to be on top of them to not get screwed. Thia is what you can do:

    According to the calls duration and/or repeated caller, you can audit some calls to see if they're converting or if the staff is killing your conversions.

    Also you may want to call some of those numbers and say something like "Hey I'm just calling to do a customer satisfaction survey blah blah" either they'll say: I didn't go there or Good/Bad blah blah.
    That way you can compare what you're getting paid vs what you should get pay.

    Obviously, you can't be calling or listening to calls all the time, but you should make time to do it to give you a "baseline" that you can compare later on.

    Hope that helps.
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    on those they can always cheat on u. even if they give u db axs, u dont knwo if its full or partial