Totel Whitehat Request... Need a Google Analytics/Google Conversion Code PRO

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    Dir. of IT for a really big hotel company
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    Need a Google Analytics/Google Conversion Code PRO to use an existing Google Adwords account (whitehate - so it must NOT be tampered with in any way) to create the appropriate Google Analytics and Google Conversion code to:

    A) Track incoming traffic to a hotel's website (any page on their website) - let's call it from TripAdvisor (so any referrer that has 'tripadvisor' in it)
    B) Track that traffic THROUGH the and onto ANOTHER DOMAIN (the booking engine for the hotel is hosted on another, completely separate domain) - let's say, and still track the referrer information that the traffic originally came from (so now the traffic is on page 1,2,3,4 and 5 of the booking process but we are still tracking that they ORIGINALLY CAME FROM let's say
    C) Use Google Conversion Code to on page 5 (the booking confirmation page, after someone has actually converted over to booking) to track conversion variables AND the ORIGINAL referrer before they hit the

    I have access to: the Google Analytics account AND the booking engine domain to upload scripts to headers/body tags, but I do not have access to the root of the (a third party will be working with me on this)

    So anyway, that's the gig. I know, it sounds messy. And Noobish. Surprisingly though, we've spend some time on this trying to make it work and have not yet had success.

    Budget is $300 usd

    And once the solution is found, we will need it in writing, WITH screenshots (so we don't have to do too much packaging on our side). Yes, we are THAT lazy. ;)


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    PM Sent... Google Analytics Coder here,... very simple to setup cross-domain and conversion tracking. We will walk you through it all!

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    I would also be interested in getting something like this done.