[Total N00b friendly Method] Making $5.5k a month from Movie Streaming website [Zero Coding]


Sep 23, 2016
Hi everyone. On dec 2015 I came around a post in here by greyjoker, about how he made 10K by movie streaming website. It changed my life. I deployed a website on dec 2015 itself and now I'm making about 6K from that website alone. I'm not going to disclose my website, but here's my ad center snapshot.


While greyjoker has composed a perfect tutorial on this thread (I can't link to it since you I'm new here), for a beginner I found getting a VPS, and setting it up and uploading movies way too overwhelming. Needless to say, thank you grey joker for your method, it changed my life.

Not only that, I'm poor. I did not have the money to buy a VPS or even a domain to be honest.

I was adding movie links manually from other websites which itself took at really lot of work, but every time any of those streaming links went down I had to start all over. So i eventually got tired of it and gave up until I came across a stackoverflow. So today I'm just going to tell you how to start small. Your very first streaming website. So lets get to it -

Things that you don't need:
1. Money
2. Coding skills
3. Server or domain

Things that you'll need:
1. Time - First for the initial setup, then just to add movies that you please.

Setting up website: Since we don't wanna spend on hosting, we'll set up our
website using wordpress, blogspot, weebly, wix.
Don't use tumblr as it recently started banning blogs as soons as they see movie streaming embed link on their page.
1. I used blogspot because I was familier with it. But go with wordpress. It's much better.
2. Go to wordpress (com) and sign up there. Use a simple dark theme. Fill in the blanks like site name,url and everything. I won't go into detail about this since there's already so many articles out

How that we have a basic blank wordpress website set up, now we will add movies one by one.
Keep in mind we are only going to add top 50 movies of each year from 2012-16. There's no point going for old movies since it won't get you much traffic.


3. Now add a new post on wordpress. Google <movie name> imdb, ex: batman v superman imdb Go to the first result of google and copy the entire data as shown in the picture above and try to achieve something like this:

To get the image url from imdb just right click on the movie poster on imdb and click "Copy Image address" on the pop up menu. (For chrome)

Now, under Categories & Tags, Add genre names one by one, and also the year for example, add these for tags: Action, Adventure, 2016

Go to youtube search <movie name> trailer, embed that link on your page.

4. Changing the description of the movie: Since the imdb description is widely scraped and used, it'd be better for you to not use that for SEO reasons, just google <movie name> review and skip a few pages of google results to find a less used review and copy it and paste it under on your blog post.

5. Adding stream links:
Google Vidsource API, go to the first result, sign up. On the top menu click documentation, and it'll give you all the details you need to use it.


Example: if you want to add deadpool on your website go to that movies imdb page and check out the url which will have tt1431045 at the end of it.
take a note of the numbers after title/tt in the url, here which is 1431045.

Now as it says in the vidsource api documentation add an iframe
which the url being like at the end

apikey={your api key}&imdbid={movie imdb id}&redirecton=true

and just replace the api key with your key and movie imdb id, which the imdb id that we got before hand. For example to stream deadpool on your page the iframe url would be at the end


6. A little bit of SEO: I've came a long way from basic on page SEO to 3 Tier backlinking but to keep it simple, you should be doing a decent on page SEO. Otherwise it'll be hard to get any traffic from google. Already a lot of guides on this. But here's some essentials -

a. Go to keywordtool (dot ) io and enter free <movie name> ex: free batman v superman. It'll give you a bunch of keywords. Copy them one by one and use them for the following elements.

i) Post title
ii) Post Url
iii)3 on tags
iv) Anywhere else you can think of. But don't over do it.

7. Monetizing
For this you will need a ad center account. Google it get an account.
Talk to your account manager for this, he'll help you out through out. But to start with this is what you wanna do under the trailer and the actual stream player


To do this google "button png" click on images tab, save the button images you like. Add those on your post. Add links to them (your account manager on ad center will give you these links).

8. Repeat and add movies
Repeat this process and add at least 100 movies within 10 days. If possible more.

9. Getting Traffic
This is the most important and challenging part, but as long as you have patience and will to work, you'll be fine. Here's what you can do -

0. Google "Submit Url" and click on the first result, and submit your url to google (need a google account).
1. Add your links on BestOfStreamingVideo and MovieStreamsites sub reddits on reddit.
2. Make a pinterest, twitter, facebook, google plus (get creative with this list of social networks) page and put your link there. The more pages you have the better.
3. Interlink these social pages. For example, share your facebook fan page over google plus page and so on. Also go to other facebook, google plus fan pages and comment your website links.
4. Google "where to watch free movies" or "sites to watch free movies" (get creative with this keyword) and go on the article pages and ask if they can add your website on their article. Most of the pages will show you that your comment is stuck at moderation, some of them will allow it and some of them will not. Comment on at least 30 pages every day when you wake up (or any other time, just don't skip it)
5. Go on various movie discussion forums (or other forums, get creative) and put a thoughtful comment or post like 'if you liked dead pool you are gonna love the new captain america civil war movie <your link>".

With all this google should index your website (you can check by googling "site:mywebsitedomain.com"). There are a ton of ways to create bank links. Google it, keep doing it. It'll take AT LEAST 2 WEEKS before you get one single visitor from google. Also google "how to get indexed by google" if you find out it's not indexed within the first 4 days of doing this.

Eventually you will get visitors and you will make sales. If you make 4 days a month, that's $2/day which is great for a n00b, at least that's what i earned on my first months.

The whole point of this tutorial is simplicity, to get someone to take action for themselves. This is my first BHW tutorial. Hope you like it. Thank you. Best of luck.

Disclaimer: I did eventually earn money and bought a VPS and started uploading my own movies since last month. And I no longer use this method.
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Can i ask the risk involved?

i came to my mind DCMA or something similar.

If this is completly legal i may try.
So the movies are being streamed from IMDB?

I must have misunderstood that part
btw if you dont mind. Can you share us the VPS you're currently using?
I'm not easily impressed, but you did it!

I don't hear of many people making this level of income from nothing.

Proof to everyone out there that you do not need a dollar to make good money in IM.

I love a good rags to riches story. Best of luck.
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