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    TOR status: March 26, 2011

    I've seen over time that people have frequent questions about TOR, its speed, and how to change your proxy identity for different countries.

    Since I'm working a lot with TOR these days I'll try to post several updates a week with the latest data on these topics.

    The "fastest nodes" (global) category are just that: if you want the greatest TOR speed regardless of country.

    The "fastest nodes" (USA) is the same, but uses only U.S. TOR nodes

    The "most stable" are nodes that have been up for the longest, but are also selected for reasonable speed. You might like a node that's been running for 500 days straight, but not if bandwidth is only 1 KBS.

    I'll also try to list one set of national exits in each update so today you can be a French user by inserting the line below in your torrc file.

    fastest nodes (global):
    (de) blutmagie
    (de) blutmagie2
    (de) blutmagie3
    (de) blutmagie4

    fastest nodes (USA):
    (usa) greyunknown
    (usa) raskin
    (usa) mule
    (usa) BADASS1

    most stable (and resonably fast) nodes:
    (ch) relayzurich
    (fr) Henk
    (uk) PPrivCom029
    (cz) podgornycz

    Country exist via:
    torrc entry: file ~\tor\Data\Tor\torrc

    french exits
    ExitNodes jceaovh,kabelkuh,lastCookie,feydakins