Top ranking Frontierville-related site waiting for development/monetization

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by businessbira, Sep 24, 2010.

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    Hi everyone,

    I basically have a website ranking on the top spots of the most searched kw that people type when looking for tips, tricks, cheats and guides (<--generic of purpose) for the facebook game frontierville.

    I ranked it cause I wanted to see how much I was able to make and I believed I was facing an up-trending kw worth of my attention. Plus, I wanted to test my own SEO skills for the most competitive kw (after Frontierville, of course, where I think it's going to be hard to outrank facebook, but a decent third spot is reasonable easy if one wants to).

    Results: It's been pretty easy to get on the top. But I'm not making much with it and it's not worth my time investing my attention to it.

    Maybe somebody outthere is in the business of guides for facebook guides and know how to monetize these niches better than me.

    So if you have a frontierville guide, you want to develop a frontierville blog, produce content or have good ideas about monetizing it, I'm giving you the freedom to go whaterver direction you wish, as long as it sounds reasonably lucrative to me.

    I'll take care of the SEO, you will take care of the rest.

    How the profits will be split can be discussed. I don't have high expectations, though.

    If you need other info, just PM.

    PS: Please refrain from publishing any URL. It's against BHW rules and annoying.

    If you can't find it by yourself ( can't find the most searched kw related to frontierville after "frontierville" itself) you are probably not suitable for this venture. But if you believe in your ideas, PM me anyway.

    Thanks in advance.