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    I've just found a very good article about Twitter SEO, it's one year old, since then there was a big change what most of you may already know: your tweets appear in Google real-time search. But that's why these tips are even more important now than it were when the article was written.

    It's never too late to optimize your twitter profile and tweets for SEO!

    So here it is peeps, I copy-pasted the whole article here, kudos to the author:

    "1. Choose a good handle
    Be sure to pick an optimal handle that's relevant to your brand or campaign and easy to remember. Your handle (also known as your Username) then becomes part of your customized Twitter URL such as or Doing this creates a static address for future search indexing, which also helps usability for other cross-channel promotions. So choose wisely! The fun challenge: doing all this while keeping your name short and succinct so it's easily tweetable.

    2. Select an account name wisely

    Optimize the Twitter account name to best reflect your brand. Your name is what appears next to your profile, which can be different than your handle/URL. You obviously want an account name that promotes yourself, your company or your brand. You should also consider which variation of you brand name has the most search frequency every month.

    3. Make your bio count
    Optimize your Twitter page's "Bio" line so it includes the most important, mission-critical phrases for your brand. Take advantage of all 160 characters! (Yep, that's right: They give you 20 more characters than a normal tweet.) Your bio is consistently indexed so its contents are what provide your Twitter page with its core relevance.

    4. Spread the word
    Now think about ways to build the link reputation of this newfound social web address. For example, you can integrate your Twitter URL into your website by placing a call to action on the site for your customers to follow you on Twitter. You could also integrate your Twitter URL within your site's Global Footer, which appears at the bottom of every page of your site. Both of these options offer usability to your site visitors and help drive your Twitter URL up in the search engines.

    5. Remember your URL
    In the account settings, be sure to add your website's URL or perhaps use it to promote your presence on another social platform, for example, This is a great way to drive traffic back to your destination of choice; although, truth be told, the link does not provide any offsite reputation - a.k.a. SEO link juice - due to a "NoFollow" attribute that Twitter has in place. (Sorry Twitter spammers!)

    6. Select the initial characters of each tweet carefully

    The "lead-in" of each tweet appears to be important for SEO as it will determine what appears in the tweet's title tag when it shows up as a search result on Google. Approximately 42 characters are factored into each tweet's title tag, including the account name, as well as the initial characters of each tweet. Keep in mind that your full tweet and all its characters are still being indexed by major engines, though.
    [The first characters of your tweet may have the most impact on its future SEO value.]

    7. Write keyword-rich tweets if possible
    Wherever possible, start your tweet with a primary keyword phrase to theme each message. Take advantage of any "active lingo" or buzz words as this will enable you to capitalize on timely searches on those terms. Of course, this doesn't mean you should fill your tweets with buzz words at the expense of providing value to your followers! Rather, think carefully about which word choices will best convey your message and also allow you to leverage the real-time and long-term index relevance across the engines that continuously spider and index tweets.

    8. Mind your retweetability
    Make sure your tweet's character limits allow for optimal "retweetability." If you want a message to proliferate on Twitter, it's ideal to keep it under 120 characters so your followers can easily add RT @YourHandle in front of the tweet. However, the exact number is different from everyone as it depends on the number of characters needed for someone to include the phrase "RT @yourname" in their re-tweet.

    9. Provide some link love

    Insert back links to redirect users back to your content. Twitter has proven to be a significant traffic driver for bloggers and others using the space to share links. If you do share links, use one of the many URL shorteners available (TinyURL and are two common shorteners). We recommend using the URL shortener, as it tracks click-throughs for the specific links you share on the platform. even has the power to track links in aggregate. For example, if multiple URLs were created and shared by separate users, all leading back to the same URL, the service can track and report click-throughs for all of them in aggregate. also tracks clicks over time, so you can see when people are clicking your links most.

    10. As always, give ‘em what they want

    When providing links or any other URLs, make sure the redirection leads to pages which provide a richer content experience. Twitter users are hungry for information and accustomed to getting it "right now." Send users directly to the details instead of having them fish around for it."

    Original article here:
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    While talking about URL shortening services, you can use to shorten a long URL. It's free and fail-safe. Simply visit the site and paste the long URL in the search box and click the web search button to get the shorter version.
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    Really nice tips!
    Thanks for sharing. I will like to make a new Twitter account by sharing them too.
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    This is really useful. Thanks for posting it (It may have even inspired me to get into BH twittering). Been doing whitehat for about a year and a half now. I'm getting sick of only $400/month from this.
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    good post
    but, i think, someone must write the word "Tweet" or "twitter", on google. to generate keywords from twitter.
    or they must use twitter search as a substitute for google search.

    Another way might be to use the blog as an intermediary twitter and google, twitter keywords in a post on the blog, and google search index to that keyword
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    I didn't know that i can do this much with twitter!! wow...Nice tips buddy!! :)
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    Good information. I'm always looking to learn more about making twitter work for me.
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    Thanks for sharing this nice article mate. Very useful Tips...
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    I just checked my tweets and it's true, looking for my keywords in google and my twitter account pops up on the first page! Great!