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Top 10 SEO Tools For Digital Marketing

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by SEOAudit, Jul 11, 2015.

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    2015 is an exciting year for all digital marketers. This year digital marketing is at its height. This time we are compiling what are the actual needs of digital marketing as “top 10 SEO tools for digital marketing”.
    How we have done this? We have tried all the social media tools and make a list of their work process, time and results. In this blog, I am going to explain about top 10 SEO tools and their work process.

    SEO Moz Tool- This tool plays a very important role in SEO. Without it, it is impossible to complete On Page of a website. We can also say that it is an all in one tool. You can use it in several steps of your SEO work. It provides various facilities for SEO. Some are Moz Analytics, Rank Tracker, On Page Grader, and Crawl Test.

    · Moz Analytics- It measures and improves your site’s organic traffic, search visibility and keyword ranking. Audit your website and track website ranking. Also inform you what your competitors up to.

    · Rank Tracker- It provides you information about where your domains and pages are ranking in search engine for a specific keyword.

    · On Page Grader- It is used for checking grades of keywords with a particular domain. It shows that how much your site is optimized for that particular keyword.

    · Crawl Test- It provides analytic reports of any domain over 20 factors which can affect search engine Crawl ability. You can also check a website’s broken links and bad links with the help of crawl test.

    SEMrush- SEMrush is used to check whether your website is healthy or not. Link building is a main part of SEO. Whenever we are working on link building campaigns, we always use SEMrush to check how many keywords of a site is ranking in Google and when we find sites that have a high volume of back links and a good DA, but none of the keywords are ranking in SEMrush, then it is easily understandable that they might have been penalized.
    You can also use SEMrush for keyword research. You can check that what sites are ranking for a primary keyword, and then you can easily check what keywords those sites are ranking for. Then combine these keywords with few sites, and end up with a comprehensive keyword list.

    Ahrefs- Whenever you are in need of back link research and back link data for back link audit, then Ahref tool is extremely useful for you. It is a very powerful tool. You can use it for determine below things-
    · How many referring domains does a site have?
    · How many of those come from unique IPs?
    · How many of those links are from .gov or .edu sites?
    · How natural is their link growth over time?
    · What are their most authoritative links (sorted by Domain Rank)?

    Backlink Monitor- Backlink Monitor is the easiest tool to track and manage your site back links. Just enter the site back links and let Backlink Monitor check the status, IP address, anchor text, and PageRank. It couldn't be easier. Best of all, Backlink Monitor works with various back link tiers! Stop working very hard and start working smart with Backlink Monitor.
    Its features and benefits-
    Simple to use- You have to do nothing tough when you are using Backlink Monitor. You just need to add your site url, backlinks and click on “Go”. The rest will Backlink Monitor manage.

    · Multi-Tier backlink check- Add all your backlinks and Backlink Monitor will sort the hierarchy.
    · Check Page rank- It automatically determines the Pagerank of domains.
    · Check Index status- It also checks that your backlinks are indexing or not.
    · Low cost, No limit- You have to pay one time for this tool and no matter how many links you are using.
    · Scheduled Reports- You can configure this tool for sending you reports daily, weekly or monthly.
    · CSV Reports- With this tool you can export links for other uses.

    Serpbook- Serpbook is an ultimate serp tracker. With a little help from Serpbook, it is easier than ever before to immediately collect data on keywords and share it with your clients.
    The best thing about Serpbook is its ability to show how keyword rankings and changed over time. In fact, you can even look at this change over days, weeks, and months. This is a feature that very few other tools have, and it has proven to be extremely useful for many folks and SEO experts.
    With Serpbook’s incredible note feature, people now have the ability to include their own comments within the program. This is perfect for highlighting the SEO strategy that have shown to work and not work, and thus makes it very simple to create the perfect SEO game plan.

    Buttonspace- It is a tool which is used for checking social media growth of a website. You just need to put your domain name and click on “Go”. It will show the details of all social media sites that you have used. It will show all shares, tweets, likes etc.

    Copyscape- Copyscape is a plagiarism checker and prevent your website from duplicate content. It helps you to detect whether your content is original or not. The coolest thing about Copyscape is that it doesn’t require entering keyword from your content in the hope of matching the rip-off, as Google would. Copyscape analyses entire pages and can easily detect matched pages, passages, paragraphs and even matched sentences.

    Screaming Frog- Screaming Frog is a small program that you can install on your personal computer, Mac or Linux spiders images, script, websites' links, CSS, and apps from an SEO perspective. Some of its features are unlimited list mode, Auditing Redirects In A Migration, Crawl path report, Ajax crawling, Page title, meta description editing, XML Sitemap Auditing and Crawling Authenticated Staging Sites.

    Google Webmaster Tools- It is a very important tool and it is also available at free of cost. I helps you to understand that how Google sees your website and informs you about issues like 404 error, malware attack etc.

    Google Analytics- It is a free tool that is vastly recommended if you're in online marketing. With the use of this tool you understand how your site is working from a day-to-day, month-to-month and year-to-year. One more important thing is that you can also track your website traffic with Google Analytic. If you are running a campaign, you can track how it affected your website during and after. You can also track how much traffic comes to your site and from where.
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